Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project 365 Week 9

Packing up today for our dude ranch spring break adventure starting tomorrow. Should have lots of interesting photos when i return. Until then...


Evidence of an obsession.


This is what 500 orchestra students looks like. Jordan played in the Zone Concert tonight. Orchestras from Riverwood Middle School, Creekwood Middle School and Kingwood High School performed together. Each orchestra performed 2 pieces separately and then a grand finale piece all together. This year the finale was the Toureadour song from the opera Carmen.


This was a total mistake. I was walking by the side door and saw some birds in my neighbor's yard gathering stuff and flying up to a tree so they could build a nest. I thought that would be a cool get a shot of a bird carrying something in it's beak...a "sign of spring" kind of photo. I grabbed my camera and went outside as quitely as I could. Of course, the birds heard me and scattered. I stood there for a while waiting for them to resume their work, but I lost patience before they came back. I saw a cardinal sitting in the tree and snapped this shot. Unfortunately, the settings on my camera were all wrong and this is what I ended up with. Good thing I never got the shot I wanted becuase it wouldn't have turned out and I would have been mad. Instead, even though this shot was a total mistake, I still thought it was cool.


Everything's better with bacon.



Photo #1 - "Hey, look at that open wound gushing blood!"
Photo #2 - "Dude. That looks like it really hurts. I wonder what we should do?"
Photo #3 - "Let's all put on surgical gloves and wrap it in toilet paper. That should do the trick."

I don't think they took 1st place in the First Aid competition.


The girls and I got to spend some crafty time together.


Brandy said...

looking good and i totally dig the carnival. but the dolls, so creepy!