Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 again

Another year has gone by. Still the same feelings of uneasiness about our safety. Six years later and Osama Bin Laden is still sending videos, his organization is getting stronger, and our "war" is just a joke to most of the world.

Today is also my friend Dorothy's 40th birthday. How would you like to have 9/11 as your birthday? It reminds me of the fact that one of our neighbors' birthday is July 2nd...the anniversary of our fire. She often talks about how that day people were calling her to wish her happy birthday and she had to tell them about what had happened to one of her neighbors. Not that I'm comparing my situation to 9/11 but there are some similar elements.

All in all just not good rememberances of this day.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Her First Day

Tuesday, September 4th was Jensen's first day of school. She had been ready for at least a week. I loved dropping her off with someone who is not only her teacher but a family friend that I know to be creative and loving. I'm so excited for Jensen's last year of preschool. It's going to be awesome!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The First Day

New backpacks, lunch boxes, and tennis shoes x 3 = about $300

A peaceful house and some alone time with Jensen...priceless.

The kids started school last Monday...at least Jordan and Jackson did. Jordan is in 5th grade...the top of the elementary school heap. She seems happy with everything so far. She changes classes three times during the day but only has two different teachers...Mrs. Meskill and Mrs. Johnson. This is to give them a little taste of middle school. Jordan is also on safety patrol and her team had the first shift of the year so she's had to be at school by 7:30 every day this week. It's been hard getting her up in the morning, but she does love saftey patrol!

Jackson is in 3rd grade and is seeming to have a little better start to the year than last year. When we went to the meet the teacher night and he looked at his class list that was posted he said, "I know all of these kids!" One of the benefits of staying in the same school since kindergarten. His teacher seems nice and on the ball. She used to teach 5th grade so I would think she knows what to prepare them for. I've spoken to her on the phone already and she's very much about positive reinforcement which is what Jackson responds to best. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a good year.

Jensen starts back to school next Tuesday. She really wanted to start last week when the other kids went back. She's definitely ready. The house will really be quiet then.

Happy Birthday, Jim!!

Last Sunday was Jim's 43rd birthday. He's now officially older than me again. For the 4 months between my birthday in April and his birthday in August he tries to pretend that we're the same age. :-)