Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project 365 Week 7


Chocolate ice cream cone after school. Every day.


A 100 on a spelling test?? That is a rare (actually, never before achieved) accomplishment. He was so proud. And so were we.




Our printer has been dying a slow death for the past several months. It finally gave up the ghost the other day so we got a new one. Seems a shame since it was only 3 years old, but Jean says that's how long those kind of things seem to last these days so...I'm happy though becuase it's wireless so I can finally print from my laptop in the kitchen.


Valentine class parties at school today. Those are the valentine's Jensen gave to her class mates. They needed a mirror to read who it was from...cracks me up. Jensen and her buddy Samantha being sassy. Jackson and his cronies playing a game at their class party.


End of the flag football season. We had two games this last day and then had our team party. We had a fun parent/child football game...I even played for a few possessions and then claimed I had to be the "team photographer." :-)


The photo says it all. That's the story of Jackson's life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project 365 Week 6

Still behind but trying to get caught up...


Notice any resemblance? This is the portrait of Jim Jensen did to hang up at the Kindergarten Dance with Dads. They weren't able to go to the dance since Jensen was sick, but she brought it home from school today. The hairline is pretty accurate. Not sure about the blue ears though...


I bought this basil today at the grocery story. I thought it was cool that it had a root ball that was in water. I actually was able to use it for about a week before it croaked. I'm growing my own basil but I started it from seed and it's taking FOREVER to grow. Maybe by the summer I'll be able to plant it outside and have fresh basil whenever I want.


I volunteered in the workroom at Shadow Forest today. Mainly what I do in there is copy things for teachers...sometimes I sharpen pencils, or die cut things...all very mentally taxing things but I think it does help the teachers out. As I was leaving at the end of my shift I walked through the library and there were Jensen and Jackson! Jensen's class was having their regular weekly library time and Jackson was sitting out his recess time due to his asthma flare up. They weren't actually sitting like this...I made them pose, in case you were wondering.


A meal that I created years ago...pasta with tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta cheese. Some nights, like tonight, we add sauteed shrimp. These are staples that I almost always have on hand in the pantry and freezer so it's something I can make when I have no other plans...or when what I planned goes tonight when I opened the package of pork tenderloin that I was planning to cook and it smelled really bad. Yuck.


The end of a long week...


Good thing she rested up last night because tonight is the Adventure Princesses Father/Daughter Dinner Dance. She got to get all dressed up and go out with Jim. I even made an appointment to get her hair done. She smiled ear-to-ear the entire time the girl was working on her hair.


Lacrosse is going well so far. Had their first scrimmage this week.

Not even one picture of Jordan this week. I guess that's not too weird since we really don't see her all that much.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Project 365 Week 5

A week behind already!! Aaaaggghhh!



Freshly manicured toes. Getting ready for my girls' weekend away. Sharing a hotel room means your toes must look pretty.


Poor guy. We had to resort to the nebulizer this week. He doesn't like to do it, but it really does help when the coughing gets bad. He also had to miss p.e. and recess this week...might as well put a knife through his heart.


That's a lot of kitties. Poor Jensen finally sucumbed to the bug that's been going around. I got a call from the nurse this morning at about 9:40 that she had a fever and needed to come home. Unfortunately, tonight was also the kindergarten Dance with Dads and she had to miss it. Hopefully all these kitties provided a little comfort.


I'm not in many of the pictures here I realized, so I thought on the days like today, when I need some filler, I'll take a photo of myself...


Girls' weekend to Canton! First time at Trade Days and what an experience! It's huge, confusing, out in the middle of nowhere, but we still managed to fill the back of the Suburban!


Super Bowl Sunday! Got back in town just in time to head to a party to watch the game. Only stayed until halftime--it was a school night--but I still managed to win the second quarter in the pool and left with $60 in my pocket!