Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Project 365 Week 22

Not that anyone cares what we were doing way back at the end of May, but this is where I left off so it's where I'll pick back up...


A pretty bad allergy/asthma flare up for one kid and swimmer's ear (even though it's only May) for another.


This is what three 4th grade boys who know that school is almost out for summer look like. I went in for Jackson's distribution of his birthday treats--our school district has a rule that you can't bring in any outside treats for birthdays but you can buy things from the cafeteria to distribute to the class. The cafeteria has a decent assortment of ice cream cups, sorbet, popsicles, etc. so it was fudgesicles all around!


Happy 10th birthday to Jackson! Jim had to leave on a flight out of town later that morning and wouldn't be there later in the day so we had an early morning family birthday celebration. Jackson opened his iPod touch...and we had birthday cake for breakfast. An awesome start to the day!


Tonight was our last Cub Scout pack meeting of the year where the boys all move up in rank. These boys are now all Sr. Webelos.


We went out for Jackson's birthday dinner. He picked Ling's, a new Chinese buffet place near us. Buffets and Chinese food...neither my favorite, but it wasn't my birthday now was it? Jackson had a blast, loved the food, and even saw one of his good buddies there. It doesn't get much better!


This is a bonus photo for Friday. The Riverwood awards ceremony was today and Jordan got several awards...straight As for the year, two special class awards in RELA and Social Studies, and the one I'm most impressed by, the Presidential Physical Fitness award (the photo is of her receiving that award). Out of about 300 6th graders only 15 earned this award. Like I've said before...a scholar and an athlete...and an all around great person. Love her.


It's Saturday so we must be at a swim meet. See that blue star on the back of her shirt? That means she earned the team target time for one of her strokes...freestyle in this case.


On Sunday, my friend Nancy's oldest son graduated from Kingwood High School. We attended their celebration dinner at a great Italian restaurant downtown.