Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Week 14

This week will be easy to update since I didn't do such a good job with the whole picture-a-day thing...


"What is this a photo of?" you might ask. Well, this is me trying to open the garage door to get out after Jim has parked the Suburban in the garage. It's a precision parking job and he just doesn't quite have the hang of it...


Happy April Fool's Day! The kids decided to TP Jim's office since he was working at his company's office today. They used 3 whole rolls of TP.

Partners in crime.


It was our neighborhood Easter egg hunt today. Jensen was the only one of the 3 Js that participated and she had fun.


Jordan and I dressed up for the NCL (National Charity League) Chapter Tea. This is an organization where "daughters along with their mothers participate in a 6-year educational program of philanthropic work, leadership training, educational activities and cultural events." Jordan and I just joined and the Chapter Tea is where all the new members are introduced to the rest of the chapter. It was a nice event and I'm looking forward to us doing some philanthropy work together over the summer.