Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Scenes of Christmas

These are just a few photos I took over the month of December

This is our elf, Jolly Bob Toph. He appears on December 1st and keeps an eye on the 3 Js and reports back to Santa each night. Each morning he's in a new place in the house and it's always a game to see who is the first one to spot his new location.

Jensen left a note and a snack for his arrival.

Jordan had her first basketball game of the season on Dec. 2nd. RMS crushed Crosby 42 - 2!

My Christmas village has really grown. We got our first piece as a wedding gift TWENTY YEARS AGO and now it spreads around my dining room. I love each and every piece and would be so disappointed if the 3 Js didn't go pick out a new one for me for Christmas. This year I got the Historic Chicago Water Tower.

The kids' tree upstairs in the game room.

A sleeping child...there's nothing cuter.

I found this in Jackson's room one afternoon. It cracked me up!

A Christmas craft.

Jensen got to open a present early when a package arrived from Grandma Fuja that contained two live frogs and an aquarium to set up for them.

Goofing around with my camera.

Jackson played in his first middle school band concert. He's the little one in the santa hat.

These are friends Ethan and Haley Harper who are also in the band. Ethan is Jackson's age and Haley is Jordan's age.

Everything is wrapped and ready.

Making cookies for Santa on Christmas eve. Who puts cashews on the sugar cookie? A Fuja that's who.

All I wanted to do was take a nice picture of the kids and this is what I get.

I caught our mischievous elf playing around on our gingerbread house before his departure back to the north pole until next year.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

It was mostly a techno christmas around here.

Jordan got a laptop from Santa. I don't suppose we'll see much of her anymore.

Santa brought THE FAMILY an iPad...not Jackson...THE FAMILY.

And now Jensen has the iPad and Jackson can't bother to look up for the picture because he's busy playing on another gadget he got...a PSP.

Then there was this little bright spot of non electronic gadgetry.

And this one.

And then there was the clean up.

Thank you to everyone that shopped for, wrapped, and shipped gifts to Jim and I and the 3 Js. Everything was perfect and very much appreciated. Especially the $15 I won on one of the scratch off lottery tickets Jean sent! Were there any other big winners at the Fuja family get-together? Kaity, did you take pictures? We'd love to see them if you did.

A special thanks to my dad and Dyann for traveling here to spend Christmas with us. I'm kicking myself, but I didn't take even one picture while they were here. :-(

Merry Christams to all and to all a good night.