Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week 13


We all missed Bella while we were on spring break. She missed Jim.

This is a disaster waiting to happen.


The Airplane Sandwich Story
Jackson, for as long as I have known him, has hated sandwiches. It's not such a big deal when they are young and at home, you can always make them whatever they want. It does become a problem when they are school age...what do they take for lunch if they don't like sandwiches? For several years, every day, Jackson has taken a Lunchable for lunch. Works for's very easy to prepare his lunch every day. Until one day out of the blue, he says he can't stand Lunchables any more, can't stomach eating another one. I don't blame him, but there's still the problem of what he's going to take for lunch so I say, "if you don't want a lunchable and don't like sandwiches, what are you going to take for lunch?" He says, "I like sandwiches." I say, "Really? What kind of sandwiches do you like?" He says, "the kind they serve on airplanes." "Seriously? The sandwiches made with stale rolls, one see-through, wafer thin slice of ham and one wilted piece of lettuce? THAT'S the kind of sandwich you like? Fine." Hence, the Airplane Sandwich was born. Mind you, my Airplane Sandwiches are made with fresh rolls, two, sometimes three, slices of ham, and crisp lettuce, but it's the best facsimile I could come up with.


This is Jensen telling me the story of the Little Red Hen who makes the bread and asks all her friends to help. None of them want to help make the bread but they all want to help eat it. Too cute!


Jensen has a penchant for lining up her toys. I walked into the playroom today and found all these Barbies (Dang, we've got a lot of Barbies!) lined up in rows on the floor. Weird.


This was a day I was dreading. Jordan and I had an event to go to (the NCL Chapter Tea...more about that next week) where appropriate dress was required. And by "appropriate" I mean something other than basketball shorts and oversized t-shirts. So, we had scheduled a shopping day. Hard to say who was dreading it or her. Well, from my perspective anyway, it turned out to be not so bad. Jordan found an outfit appropriate for the tea along with several more things along the way that weren't basketball shorts or oversized t-shirts. And I got to go shopping with my daughter!


I take a lot of pictures of food...sorry about that. This is Irish Eggs Benedict. I don't remember where we first had was long ago, way before kids, when we actually went out for leisurely brunches. If Jim were here right now I'd ask him and I'm sure he'd remember the restaurant. Me, I don't remember. We loved it so much, we make it at home whenever we're craving a hearty, filling Sunday morning breakfast. The recipe: english muffins, corned beef hash (yum!), poached eggs, hollandaise sauce. Mmmmmm.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Week 12

Am I caught up yet? Nope, not yet, but still working on it. This was spring break week and while we weren't gone the whole week, I decided to highlight my seven favorite photos from the trip.


Jim was so happy that he got to cross something off his bucket list!


Jordan bought this hat as one of her souvenirs of the trip. I love how great she looks in this photo.


It was love at first site between Jensen and the horses at the ranch. She has big plans to return someday and purchase this one.


This was our last trail ride of the trip. That's Jensen on the biggest horse (Big 'Un) right behind the trail boss; then Jackson is behind her on Peanut; and that's Jordan at the end right in front of me taking the picture.


After the dude ranch, we went to New Braunfels and visited the Wildlife Safari Ranch, a place where you drive your car through and there are all kinds of animals that come right up to the car windows so you can pet and feed them. This was my favorite thing of the trip...when have you gotten to pet a zebra??


This was Jackson's favorite thing of the trip...ziplining at the Natural Bridge Caverns


A family photo in the caverns. You can tell it was humid down there by how flat my hair is and how big Jackson's hair is.

Really great trip!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 11

I'm missing a picture for Monday...

Don't really have a photo for Tuesday either, so I'll stick this shot of myself in..



Kindergarten field trip to the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show. The weather was cold and rainy but Jensen was in heaven with all the animals around.


It's been so cold and rainy this week we actually lit the fireplace...a rare ocurrence in March.


Busy packing for our spring break trip...