Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project 365 Week 7


Chocolate ice cream cone after school. Every day.


A 100 on a spelling test?? That is a rare (actually, never before achieved) accomplishment. He was so proud. And so were we.




Our printer has been dying a slow death for the past several months. It finally gave up the ghost the other day so we got a new one. Seems a shame since it was only 3 years old, but Jean says that's how long those kind of things seem to last these days so...I'm happy though becuase it's wireless so I can finally print from my laptop in the kitchen.


Valentine class parties at school today. Those are the valentine's Jensen gave to her class mates. They needed a mirror to read who it was from...cracks me up. Jensen and her buddy Samantha being sassy. Jackson and his cronies playing a game at their class party.


End of the flag football season. We had two games this last day and then had our team party. We had a fun parent/child football game...I even played for a few possessions and then claimed I had to be the "team photographer." :-)


The photo says it all. That's the story of Jackson's life.


Anonymous said...

That photo of Jackson cracks me up! I remember Ben (although this was in high school) talking trash with the "defender" from the other team. The guy was trying to check Ben's team jersey number so he was sure he was guarding the correct guy--kept asking Ben...3-5; are you 3-5? To which Ben replied...actually I'm 6'2"...Some Fujas are just smartasses I guess...xoxox Cindi

Kaity Mackenzie said...

That picture is hilarious! Also... WOO HOO JACK-MAN ON THE 100%!!!!



Kaity Mackenzie said...

You should think about Twittering... it's easy and addicting... especially with an iphone.

Heather said...

love that last picture of Jackson :) Ah, the ice cream cones, yet another healthy Fuja staple my children can be jealous of....

Brandy said...

these are awesome. i'm playing catch up, but i am so glad you are doing 365