Sunday, March 08, 2009

Project 365 Week 8


The text on the photo tells the tale. Really disturbing and just sad.


My valentine roses still looking good several days later...


Here's my little basil plant I mentioned last week. Isn't it cute?


This is Jordan's after school snack almost every day--a mozzarella and pepperoni panini--otherwise known as a "pizza sandwich." A little more hearty than Jensen's ice cream cone...mainly due to the fact that after consuming this sandwich, Jordan does three hours of rigorous gymnastics training...

No photo for Friday. I looked at my calendar for this day and one of the things I did was have lunch with Heather. I remember we went to New York Pizzeria and sat outside in the sunshine with beautiful Miss Megan. I should have taken a picture...


Jordan's first orchestra solo & ensemble competiton. Everyone in the beginning orchestra at Riverwood scored a "1" for both their solo and ensemble pieces. That's the first time that's happened in 4 years. Here are some comments the judge made on her score sheet:

Tone: "Very clean start; nice straight bow path; good job with pitch; make sure violin is in tune."

Technique: "Nice work with articulation; make dolce smoother."

Musicianship: "get instrument a little higher -- parallel to floor."

"Keep up the hard work!"

I was very impressed with the detailed comments the judge gave her...especially since he had to sit and listen to beginning orchestra students... play the same piece... all day long.


Today was our Cub Scout pack's annual Blue and Gold Banquet. Jim's den was in charge of planning the whole thing--catering, decorations, entertainment, etc.--for 200 people. It was a lot of work, but turned out great. The entertainment was a magician (a local high school student) who did an awesome job keeping the boys enthralled and entertained. Glad it's over...


Heather said...

yes, you should always take advantage of any oppurtunity to take photographs of those beautiful Keller children. Especially with pizza sauce on their face!
Love the roses- very pretty! And a panini press is still on my list of wants...I shall slowly take over the world with kitchen gadgets...