Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Okay, this is my first blog post. Never, ever thought I would have a blog. I didn't really understand the need to put your life out there for everyone, but thanks to Heather I see the positive side...you actually are writing things down for yourself...not for others. I want to record daily events better to use in my scrapbooks and Heather is doing an awesome job at that. Thanks for the inspiration, Heather.

Currently we are in Michigan on our semi-annual trip. The kids and I are actually here for almost 2 weeks so it's a much more relaxing pace than it usually is. We arrived on tues. July 25th and headed to Durand. Jim and his brothers and other male family members went on their annual fishing trip in Port Austin on Thursday and Friday. I took the kids up to Lexington to see my mom. Jim got tons of fish. I sat on the rocky beach and spent the night in my mom's claustraphobic house. She seemed happy to see us though.

On Saturday, Jensen came down with a fever and was vomiting all day. Which was a bummer since that was the day the entire Fuja family was getting together at Susan's. We muddled through. Jensen must have liked the attention from being sick as she milked it for about two days afterwards by randomly saying her stomach hurt and she thought she was going to throw up. Way to keep us on our toes.

Jim flew back to Houston on Monday...he'll have a nice quiet week at home...you need that once in a while. On Tuesday (today) I took the kids back up to Lexington (2 hour drive by the way) to see Gilbert. He was out of town last week when we were there. We had a nice lunch then took the kids back to the lake. It was hot, hot, hot today (like home) so the lake felt good. Of course the kids think it's soooooo cold. Welcome to my childhood.