Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

More than a week has passed since your birthday which was May 11th (last Friday) aka "the day we moved back into our house" so it was and has been a busy birthday week! This was a big turned 10. Double digits. Wow.

I'm going to relate a story that illustrates what a terriffic person you are. A day or two before your birthday Daddy and I were talking to you about how the timing is so bad for celebrating your birthday because we were in the throes of moving from the temporary apartment back into the house. We were explaining that we hadn't even gotten you a gift yet. We were feeling so guilty and neglectful as parents and promised to make it up to you. We told you that on Saturday or Sunday we would go out and get you whatever you wanted (this is safe to say to you becuase you never want much; if we ever said such a thing to your brother we'd have to be prepared to just hand over our wallets). A lot of kids I know would whine and complain and be pouty about it but not you. You said, "that's okay; moving back into our house is the best present." Wow.

It is almost the end of the school year. 4th grade is coming to a close and it's onward and upward to 5th grade. You had a great year at school...a teacher you really clicked with, great friends in your class, awesome grades, a spot on the "Rockin' Recorders," and now a spot on the safety patrol for next year.

This was also your first year of gymnastics competition. You did great and had a great time with your team. You continue to love gymnastics and still want to do it again next year.

The gymnastics practice schedule doesn't leave much time for other activities but you are on the GTR Gators swim team for another year. This marks your 5th year on the team. Every summer we have so much fun being part of the swim team even though it means getting up at the crack of dawn every Saturday for 6 weeks and daily swim practices. As I write this you and Jackson are at the first dual swim meet of the season with Daddy. I can't wait to see how you do this year.

All in all you had a great year even through all the upheaval in our lives. You've been so adaptable to all the moves we've had to make (first to the house on Fern Creek, then to the apartment, then to a second apartment, and finally back to our house on Misty River) and have continued to thrive. Hopefully in the next year there will be more stability in our lives and you will thrive even more and really enjoy the year of being 10!

You always make me and Daddy so proud in everything you do. We love you, Jordan!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan!! And you're completely correct, she does rock!

shannon said...

how sweet is she!?
happy belated birthday jordan!!!

Lisa said...

You've got an awesome kid there Rita. Happy Birthday Jordan.

Kaity said...

Can't believe I didn't comment on this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN! I can't believe I was your age when you were born! Crazy.

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday, what a special girl!