Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Dear Jackson,

I'm writing this letter one month past your 8th birthday...time has such a way of flying by. Your birthday falls at the end of school every year (this year the last day of school was 5/25 and your birthday was 2 days later) and that is always such a crazy time. Plus this year, we moved back into our house just two weeks before your birthday. Now one month later we are getting settled into our home and into our summer routine.

You had an up and down year I would say, but mostly up and you definitely finished strong. You started off your 8th year with a broken arm which was not a good way to start the summer. That meant no swim team last summer but you did swim this year and had a pretty good time, I think. You even made it to the All Star meet for breast stroke. That's pretty darn good after missing all of last season.

Other than swimming, you also played baseball this year. You were part of a great team and had so much fun. You really improved over the season and your team ended up going to the championship game. Your lost and it was heartbreaking but it was so exciting to watch!

This was your first year of Cub Scouts and I think you really enjoyed it...campouts, archery, bb gun shooting, what's not to love! I'm hoping that you'll want to do it again next year.

You had an up and down year at school. You are such a bright, energetic kid and you really excel at math. But there are some subjects you don't love and those don't get your full attention (spelling, writing, penmanship). You ended up getting two Cs one marking period and daddy and I got pretty upset with you. But you worked hard the rest of the year and ended up getting mostly Bs with an A in math. Daddy and I were very proud of you at the end of the year. I'm really hoping that you find your groove with school...maybe 3rd grade will be the year. You have so many years of schooling ahead of you and I just wish you enjoyed it more.

Another big accomplishment this year was making your First Communion. We were so proud of you.

This was the year that you finally started losing some teeth. This is such a great snaggl-tooth photo. I love it! And for some reason this year you decided to start growing your hair out. For years you've had your hair cut super short--"a number 2 all over." I definitely like the longer locks but I think you were a little disappointed at first. I think you thought it was going to grow out straight and you kept trying to plaster it down with gel and other products. It is definitely not straight and I think you've decided to go with it. I think it is just so darn cute!

I love you Jackson. You keep my on my toes and brighten my days.



Heather said...

Oh Jackson! Love that kiddo- Happy Birthday Jack- smooches!