Monday, July 09, 2007

An Unexpected Good Day

When Heather asked me to go to Ikea today with her with all 5 of our kids in tow I thought..."well, that doesn't sound very fun." But I knew she wanted to purchase the same cabinets I have up in our playroom and I have a big car that can haul them home so I said okay. It turned out to be a great day. Another friend of ours, Brandy, met us at Ikea with her son Dylan. Most of the kids went into the play room area they have at the store (how awesome is that?) except for the very small (Dylan and Megan) and the very tall (Jordan). As it turns out. Jordan had a blast with Dylan who really seemed to like her. Now all Jordan can talk about is "babysitting" Dylan even though she's only a "baby" herself.

We got our shopping done...I managed to find a few random items like a wine decanter that one of the sommeliers in a tasting room in Sonoma recommended to bulletin and magnetic boards for Jordan's room...and Heather got her cabinets. We loaded it all in the car and took the troops to Jillians for lunch (aka Dave and Busters) which is a restaurant slash arcade. We ate. We spilled. We played. We went home tired and happy.

Sometimes the "lazy, nothing to do" aspect of the summer gets to me so it's nice to have a day filled with activity with friends.

I hate that I don't have a pic from today so I'll try to do better tomorrow.


Heather said...

who the heck would've remembered to bust out a camera today?!? Brent was uber impressed that we loaded and unloaded the car ourselves- we tough chicks can conquer the world I tell ya- even with rugrats in tow!
Had a great time too.... insanity loves company, and I always have a better time going crazy with friends :)

Susan said...

that ikea playroom rocks! too bad they only take them an hour, i could spend all day there!

Kaity said...

I saw a lot of ikeas in Switzerland... who would've thought. No worries, I'll be updating within the week!

Oh, and I started doing Mother's Helper type babysitting when I was Jordan's age...

shannon said...

i love being pleasantly surprised.

Brandy said...

i am glad jordan liked the babysitting because i enjoyed her playing with dylan so i could breathe for a sec. she can do that ANYTIME!!! i don't care that she is a baby, she is a living body and i can use all the help i can get.

i had a good time, but who serves adults food before children?! it is like they wanted to start a fight!!