Monday, December 24, 2007

Daily December: Day Twenty Four

Christmas Eve!! We spent part of the day finishing up our cookies for Santa. We had baked them a day or so ago but still had the decorating to do.

The kids' advent treat for the day was to open one special gift. I had always given them pjs on Christmas eve and they usually got an ornament in their stocking. This year, I put the pjs and the ornament together and gave each child a Christmas book. I realized that after the fire we no longer had very many Christmas-themed books so I think I'll do this for the next few years. Before you know it we'll have a nice library of Christmas books that the kids can take with them along with their ornaments.

After opening the gifts and putting on the pjs we had make-your-own pizzas for dinner. It was a fun, easy dinner and the pizzas turned out pretty good.

After dinner we watched the movie A Christmas Story and about 9:30 it was off to bed for the kids to wait for Santa.


Brandy said...

blog entry for dec 24 my arse...i'll ignore what i know you must have just posted and just say "aw, cute christmas!!"

jennifer said...

Love the photo by the chrstmas tree. like the site and will return. - Jennifer