Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank You Nintendo!

The kids got a Wii earlier in the year, May, for doing so great in school last year. For Christmas they got several new games that they were dying for...mainly Guitar Hero. On Christmas day our Wii decided it didn't want to play Guitar Hero, or any other games, and died. Jackson just about died along with it. We sent it off to Nintendo for repair and it finally came back home today! Jackson could not get that thing hooked up and the game inserted fast enough. Luckily he's been practicing on all the neighbor kids' Wiis since Christmas. And as the machine said, Jackson, "You Rock!"

Long hair? Check. No shirt? Check. Skinny arms? Check. Rock star? Check.


My Name is Kaity. said...

That is hilarious. Great pictures too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jackson will love these pictures (i.e him parading around in his boxers) in a few years... ;-) Cindi