Sunday, August 17, 2008

A new use for SU paper

Last Thursday was registration day for Jordan at Riverwood Middle school along with about 300 other incoming 6th graders. We stood in various lines to get her schedule, put money in her lunch account, get her textbooks, purchase a planner and a t-shirt, and the most exciting thing of all...get her locker assignment.

With that many people there at once it was a little nutty but also exciting to see so many faces that we knew. We found Jordan's locker (an upper one which is a bonus) and practiced her combination. At RMS they sell "locker shelves" which are basically 6 pieces of raw wood cut to fit inside the locker to stack on top of each other to form two shelves. Our neighbor is an 8th grade teacher at RMS and had given Jordan a set of the shelves at the beginning of the summer. She informed us that most of the girls do something cute with the shelves--paint them, cover them in fabric, etc.--and most of the boys leave them plain. We were at a little bit of a loss as to what to do with Jordan's shelves over the summer so we did nothing.

That day at registration you should have seen the production of mom's strewn all over the hallway floors frantically trying to cutely cover their daughters' locker shelves. We saw everything from fabric to different colors of duct tape being wrapped around the shelves to scrapbook paper. BINGO! I have tons of scrapbook paper that doesn't get used for scrapbooking so that was the perfect solution for us.

I found out that all the frantic preparations weren't really necessary that day since the school would be open everyday until school started so we could go back anytime and organize her locker. That day we went home and picked out some paper from my stash that Jordan liked. I went and bought a roll of clear contact paper and then got busy. We got the shelves covered and the next day (after Jordan got her braces put on...that's another topic), when it was much calmer, went back to put the finishing touches on her locker and put her supplies in.

These pictures are likely to be the only ones you see of Jordan at school this year and she really didn't want me to take these but since there was not another soul around to see her mom being a geek I didn't leave her any choice.

Doesn't this place look huge??


Kaity Mackenzie said...

Wow... very cute locker. I wonder how long it will stay that organized! Tell Jordan that one day she will appreciate having so many great pictures of herself. I still cannot believe she is in middle school... that's just NUTS!

Brandy said...

the little bit of scrappy magic you fit into your life always impresses me. i mean, contact paper? i have so much to learn. we always had the shelves so we could share -- it was uncool to be the only one using your locker. Shame!

Bummer about braces, didn't know that was coming. Boo!

Heather said...

very very cute! the schools are so enormous- KHS was SO big yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the memories! All I could think of when I saw the locker was "Where's she going to put her big ol' honking winter coat?" And then I live in Houston.... Cindi

Serene said...

You are will never get another picture of her inside of school. You will be lucky if she lets you drop her off within a mile of the school. Try screaming "I love you my little booger" as she is getting out of the car. They love that - Emmeline did!!