Thursday, June 11, 2009

Project 365 - Week 15

It's been over a month since I've updated my Project 365...can you say "B-E-H-I-N-D?"


Jensen helped read the announcements at school today. Her portion was the lunch menu...the choices were some form of chicken nuggets or turkey sandwich...


So cold that we need the April???


Bruce Springsteen in concert with Little Steven and Max Weinberg. Every time Jim gets tickets to see Bruce I think, "Really? Do we really need to see him again?" And every time I love it!

And just because I know you've missed 'em...a "date night" photo

Happy Birthday to me...

An awesome night out with friends to celebrate #44 (gasp!). A limo, dinner out, dueling pianos...perfect!


Me and Jensen and her "Spring" party at school.


Today we had our little family birthday celebration. Look at all the gorgeous cupcakes the kids and Jim made for me.


Easter Sunday. Traditional mass at St. Martha's. Followed by non-traditional gospel brunch at House of Blues. It was awesome!


Heather said...

ha! I just updated mine after over a month too... SO bad! lol.... love the cupcakes!!

Kaity said...

very cute! I've been struggling to keep the OMG blog up too... it must just be a busy time for everybody! :-) Cute pics.