Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 Week 27

This week was mainly marked by the 4th of July...I don't have a picture for every day but I picked seven from the week to share.


Denise is leaving today and I want to get a picture of her and the kids together. However, it's virtually impossible to get all three Js to cooperate for any given photo. There's always one who's in a mood.


This is Spinach Bread...a recipe we made up and have been making for YEARS...since the days we lived in Boston. It's basically like a stromboli. Store bought pizza dough rolled into a rectangle. Layer mozzarella and parmesan cheese, spinach, pepperoni and some spices. Roll up, bake and slice. Yummy appetizer or even dinner sometimes.

Fourth of July


Jordan helped decorate the swim team float and walked in the parade handing out candy.


Jackson and Jim helped decorate the cub scout pack float and also walked/rode in the parade.


That left Jensen and I to watch the parade on our own.



This boy LOVES fireworks!


Three people going to play golf.


Heather said...

aren't you just SO cute?!? love the new format, and i think my fav is the siggy... might inspire me to get groovin' :)