Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2010 Recap - part 1

Over the course of 2010 I uploaded 3500 photos to my computer. Wow. That's a lot of photos. Every quarter I go through the last three months' worth of photos, pare down, and save some into "chronological highlights" folders. These are the photos I upload to an online photo processing place and eventually print. For 2010 I had almost 800 "highlights" photos. That's still a lot. So since I didn't really post anything here in 2010 I thought I'd try to pare down even further and share a few photos from each quarter of the year that were my favorites or represented something we did.

Here we go with Part 1
January - March

We started out the year with a belated anniversary celebration - 19 years - with dinner at a steak house downtown. I think one of the kids must have taken this photo...notice the tree all un-decorated. I think this was Saturday, Jan. 2nd.

Over the course of the year, there were several visits from the tooth fairy for this little girl.

Jackson participated in his last Pinewood Derby. That looks like an award winning paint job to me!

Jordan auditioned for, and made, the Region Orchestra. She was selected for the top Symphonic orchestra as a 7th grader...there weren't very many 7th graders in this orchestra and the music was very hard. There were two long days of rehearsals and a concert. Jordan dubbed it the "worst experience of her life." It was so bad that she refused to try out again this year in 8th grade. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you can just make Jordan out. She's slightly left of center in front of two girls in green jackets.

Jensen turned 7 and all she wanted was to have a sleepover party so that's what we did...7 little girls sleeping over! Jordan and her friend Haley (in the front) helped supervise the little girls while they decorated pillow cases.

Jim and Jensen attended the Adventure Princesses Father/Daughter Dance...the highlight of the A.P. social season!

Jensen FINALLY learned to ride her bike!

Jackson's cub scout Arrow of Light ceremony where they were officially turned over to the Boy Scouts. It was a very cool ceremony with a huge bonfire and fireworks.