Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another Week Gone By...

Man, I wish I could get the hang of blogging more regularly. I'm really enjoying Ali E.'s blog lately. I get her e-zine and it reminds me to check her blog. She's one busy woman and she blogs all the time. How does she do it? There was a quote on her blog last week that I wanted to post here. I didn't get to it and it's gone now, but it was basically about how to get up and live your life each day in a more positive fashion. I need that reminder right now. This week, in addition to the fact that her husband is running for office, she wrote about stamping and linked a very cool web site...catslife press. Loved some of their stamps.

Speaking of running for office, today is election day. Jim and I are definitely the odd men out here in Texas but we did our part anyway. This year I voted straight democratic ticket. I've never done that before. Usually try to sort through and vote based on my preference for each individual. This year, I just can't take the hypocrisy and ignorance any more and am looking for sweeping change. Not that any of the guys (or girls) I voted for will be better but one can always hope.

The biggest thing that happened in our lives last week was halloween. As halloweens go it was a good one. I'm not a fan of the holiday; never have been, even as a kid. I just don't like scary things or costumes or even candy that much. But my kids love it so I try.

Jackson and Jordan had their costume parade at school first thing at 8:15. Then, Jensen had to be at school at 8:45 and her little parade was scheduled for 9:00. Getting three kids dressed in a costume in time for school stresses me out. I mean, getting them dressed in regular attire is stressful enough.

I have to say they did look cute. Jackson wanted to be a scary, evil vampire but ended up looking more like Eddie Munster. Jordan didn't want to wear most of her Hermione costume and decided as the evening wore on the she was a "business woman" instead. And Jensen was Snow White...just one of many princess choices she had in her repertoire.

We had our usual block party on Misty River Trail. My sil, Cindi, hosts a similar function in her neighborhood and calls it "halloweenie roast." I just love that and that's what we're going to call ours from now on! I love our neighborhood and was glad that we could be there for the festivities...it has such a communal feeling with everyone walking around talking to everyone. Maybe I like halloween after all.


Kache said...

What a fun thing for your neighborhood to do! Those are really cute costumes

kaity said...

It took my a minute to figure out what 'sil' meant... it's been a long day!

shannon said...

cute pictures. and he totally does look like eddie munster!

Brandy said...

Hey, I'm a democrat in Houston too! I'm the co-sponsor for the Lamar Young Democrats, so maybe there will be more of them out there in the future