Friday, October 27, 2006

In the past week...

this is what we've done:

Jordan had her last gymnastics meet of the season. Jim went this time since I was originally supposed to be going to Easterby's Edibles that day to make meals. I didn't end up getting to do that since Jensen was sick. This is the only meet that Jim has gotten to go to and I think he enjoyed it. It was fun for me to look at the pictures he took instead of the other way around. Jordan did well improving a few of her scores. Now it's just more practice until next season. She'll continue to practice 8 hours a week almost every goes up to 9 hours in the compete in just 5 meets. Seems kind of crazy to me but she loves it so I guess we'll continue to let her do it.

Went to the Texas Renaissance Festival on Sunday and took two of the kids' friends...Austin and Kristina. Please remind me not to do this again. The kids do have fun...especially the boys with all the knights and jousting, etc. But the costumes that some people wear who attend these types of festivals are just risque. Plus, some of the people are dressed in really scary costumes and Jensen was afraid of several of them that we saw. Plus, it's ridiculously expensive and it's an hour and a half drive each way. I don't think I need many more reasons than that for not going again.

Jensen had her first preschool field trip. It was to the fire station. She wasn't really all that interested though in the fire engines or squirting the water out of the hose like most of the other kids. The other girl in the picture with the hoses (Grace) is so into it and Jensen looks completely indifferent. This fire station we go to for field trips has a cool "smoke" room. It's a room that's filled with furniture like a living room and they can pump non toxic smoke into it. The kids and parents practice the "fall and crawl" to get out of the room. Very cool learning experience although a little scary for the kids. A little scary for me to given our experience of actually being in a fire. We were so lucky to get out of our house when we did becuase you really can't see at all when the room is filled with smoke.

Jensen also got bit by another girl at school this week. This is the first time any of our kids has been bitten by another kid. It didn't break the skin but you could very clearly see the little circle of teeth marks on her arm. Her and the other girl were both trying to see something through a window and were pushing each other to get a better view when the other girl just leaned down and bit Jensen! I think Jensen was pretty shocked. I really hope that doesn't happen again.

Had craft night with the girls where we embellished t-shirts using hot-fix crystals. Really cool and fun technique. I made a halloween theme shirt. Maybe I'll take a pic of it and post.

Today the kids had no school so I tried my best to fill up their time. We went to the Mudpie Co., along with half of Kingwood, to paint pottery. The kids have been bugging me to go. Jackson's had his eye on this big dragon head to paint for months since Jordan went to a party there and we went to pick her up. The kids each painted something and I started on gifts for the teachers. Thanks to Heather I've got tons of gift ideas for people. I hope to get back to finish my project next week.

I've been feeling more despondent lately about our housing situation. It appears we won't be in our house until well after the new year I'm sure. We've started legal action against our contractor and that seems to really drag things out. He's stopped all work on the house so...we're faced with another holiday season not in our own home. I really miss my house and all the space and comfort we had. I miss my neighborhood, not just for myself but for the kids. They really can't play outside here and they don't have their friends around them. I try to keep them connected with our street and we really are over there all the time, but it's just not the same. I think I've been pretty upbeat and positive for the most part about our situation but, frankly, I'm just tired of it. I want my house back.

And that's been my week.


kaity said...

That is so frustrating about your house! It isn't fair that you guys have to go through this. I'll be thinking you guys.

I remember when David (a kid my mom watched when she did daycare) used to bite kids. He would be punished by putting a bit of tobasco sauce on his tongue. Apparently now he has a thing for spicy foods...

Again, I am impressed with Jordan's gymnastic skills and dedication.

Tell Jack-man that I always loved painting that pottery stuff too!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the frustratiohs with the house. Hopfully it won't drag on too long for you.


Kache said...

That sucks about the house situation, can't believe it won't be done for the holidays. Well, I know your family will make the best of it, keep your spirits up!

Man, you've been busy this last week. And yes, you don't need another reason to not go to the renaissance fair :)

shannon said...

busy week! made me tired.
so sorry about the house situation. totally stinks. hoping that we are surprised and you are in before the new year... keeping my fingers crossed.

Heather said...

hmm... a couple of your weekly activities mirrored mine... :)

as a mom of a former biter, that sucks, but Cam was much younger (2) when he went through that. Poor Jensen. Cam got bit so bad one time he still has a faint scar.

I'm so sorry about your house Rita- I wish my magic wand would work just this once- have you found any contractors willing to pick up where they left off?

TracyDacy said...

Aw man Rita, I'm really sorry to hear about the house. The whole situation with the fire and FMC (my most wonderful employer - I'm being totally facetious here) is just awful to have to deal with and now the contractor?!?!?!??!! I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

Brandy said...

Man, I am going to hunt down your contractor myself and shank them. Damn the man. I am telling you, there is some show that will fix this, where contractors wander off of a job and people are out of money. Send a pic in along with the pic of Jensen (she is so sad about the house that she can't even enjoy a water hose) and see if they'll come fix it. Those people who dress up at the Renn fest are LOSERS. Who wants to see nerd boobs anyway?