Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Saw a Baby Elephant

Okay, we went to the zoo but with 9 kids and only 4 moms my eyes, hands, and feet were way too busy to take any pictures. We had a pretty good time...the weather was bearable and we got outta there in under 3 hours! But the best part for me was seeing the new baby elephant that we have at our zoo. He was just born on October 1st and I think yesterday was the first day he was out where the public could see him. I so wish I had had a chance to pull out my camera, but I guess the photos on his blog will have to do.

I've never seen a baby elephant before so I thought it was pretty cool. He had tons of wiry hair and they had this huge yellow scrub brush looking thing that he kept rubbing up against. I could have stood there and watched him all day, but the 9 kids I mentioned before were off and running.

Had my second tennis lesson today. My friend Dorothy joined me. The time just flew...which is good when any kind of running in humid 80 degree weather is involved. I'm going back again next week.

Got to see the proofs today from the kids' photo shoot...too cute.

A few weeks ago we finally actually filed suit against Ford Motor Co. and got our first assignment. Our attorney sent us the "interrogatories" that we have to complete by Nov. 3rd. When I was reading through them my stomach literally started to hurt. It's a lot of information to complete and not really that much time. Wish us luck.


kaity said...

GOOD LUCK! I'll be thinking of ou guys!

Kache said...

That naptime picture of the baby elephant is SO cute.
Good luck with your suit, that's gotta be hard going through all the details again.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the law suit.

The baby elephant is cute!


Brandy said...

Ugh, to think how I annoyed I've been with the paperwork for my break-in and you are about to embark on the mother of all pita's - my thoughts of carpal tunnel syndrome are with you

Heather said...

I'm jealous- they had the elephants roped off when we went, since he had just been born the day before.

Good luck with it all... anytime you wnat to unwind with a glass of wine and a friend, I'm your pal ;)