Sunday, October 22, 2006

12 on the 12th of October

Many days are my 12 photos from the 12th of October.

1. This photo shows two, I'm usually running late in the morning. The clock shows 8:46 and we are on our way to drop Jensen off at preschool. She's supposed to be there by 8:45. Two, my current favorite XM radio station...Flight 26.

2. Gas price this day was $2.02. Not bad so I filled up. Should have waited a couple of days as it went down to $1.98!

3. While at the gas station I ran in to get a breakfast taco and a diet coke. Breakfast of champions. Seriously, this is the best breakfast taco in town.

4. & 5. Jackson was invited to be the guest reader in Mrs. Snyder's (his former preschool teacher) pre-k 4 class at Holy Comforter. He was so excited since it meant he could get out of regular school for a little while. We were excited because it got him to practice reading without us having to nag him. In the group photo I'm a little chagrined that Jackson isn't much taller than the 4 year olds. Jensen got out of her regular class to go listen to Jackson read and was sooo proud. She kept saying he was "teaching" the class. Now that's a scary thought.

6. After school and it's naptime for Jensen. Unfortunately, there's no time in our schedule some days for a nap.

7. The exterior of the house...I think the only changes since last month are that the columns were finally re-framed correctly and the remainder of the brick was installed. Still waiting on the stone.

8. Most of the downstairs tile flooring was laid. Don't let this photo fool you. It might look good but everything is really a mess. We're in a terrible fight with our contractor and don't expect much more work to get done until we go to arbitration. I do love the tile laid on the diagonal though.

9. The clock says 3:34 and the kids are now in the car after school pick up. We're on our way to drop Jordan off at gym practice and the radio is tuned to radio disney. Sigh.

10. Surly Jackson.

11. Jackson is getting ready for his first cub scout camp out. He and Jim have bought tons of camping equipment including this supply of cookware. This has all entailed many trips to Gander Mountain and many non-essential purchases.

12. Jordan, home after gym practice. Many nights she's in tears due to sheer exhaustion. Tonight she managed a laugh.


shannon said...

great pics.
totally need to do this sometime!

Kaity said...

I am trying to picture where the tile picture was taken in the house... for some reason I can't tell where it is! Oh... and breakfast tacos... yum? :)

Rita said...

Kaity, that pic is taken in our great room sort of from the kitchen. Just to the left of the bookcase is the's cut off in the picture.

Have you never had a breakfast taco??

kaity said...

ok... I see it...I guess I'll have to try a 'breakfast taco' sometime...

Heather said...

somehow just saw this- very cool! I want XM... tell Santa for me, okay?