Sunday, February 04, 2007

Catching Up

Since it's almost Feb. 12th, I figured I'd better post my December 12 on the 12th. The problem with waiting this long to do it is you forget why you took a lot of the pictures! Here goes, to the best of my recollection.

This was a Tuesday and we had a parent/child book club meeting at Shadow Forest. We meet at 7:30 a.m. before school starts. Jordan and I read the book The Lemonade Trick. The 3rd picture shows the room at school where we house all the books for the bookclub. This year, I chair the PTA Literacy Committee and the Book Club is one of the things I'm in charge of so I'm in this little room quite a bit.

Since it was a Tuesday, it was also a day I volunteer in the Library. the first picture in the second row shows Jordan's class lining up to go back to their classroom after their library time. It was "crazy hat" day and most of the kids were wearing Santa hats. I volunteer in the library every Tuesday--one week I'm there for Jordan's library time, the next week I'm there for Jackson's. I like this volunteer job because it's short and sweet. You are in and out in 30 minutes and the kids get to see you there and they love it. I check their books in, shelve the books, help them find new books, then check their books out. You get to meet and greet all the kids in the class and they get to know who you are.

This was the last week of school before Christmas vacation and class parties were going to be held on Friday. I head up the 4th grade room moms and we got together this day to put together the supplies for the party on Friday. The next picture shows all the goody bags we assembled for the 4th grade. The funny thing is the main activity we had for the class was for them to play Bunco. It was so easy and the kids loved it!

This was a school volunteer intensive week. Most weeks I am not at school this much.

If you look closely at the picture of my rearview mirror, you'll see that the temperature reads 75 degrees. On December 12th it was 75 degrees! Pretty cool how I can see myself with my camera in the mirror.

Off to Wal-Mart for some power Christmas shopping.

Next stop is Pier One for some ornaments to give as teacher gifts, hostess gifts, etc. Plus one for each of the kids and one for me. I love the Le Bien ornaments they have there that are hand painted ON THE INSIDE of the ornament. I've bought one for each of the kids the last two years to start a collection for them that I'll give to them when they have their first tree on their own. I had started this collection before our fire but have since had to start over. I hope they continue to make these ornaments for a long time.

The next picture shows the Le Bien ornament I bought for myself last year. This year I bought another heart ornament for myself.

Next is our little Christmas tree in the apartment. It's actually the tree that we bought the kids to have up in their playroom. It was the right size and fit the bill as our main tree this year.

Ahhhhh, love this picture. This was an early Christmas present from Jim. A beautiful new Coach bag that I absolutely love.

Our house in it's current state.


Kaity said...

Very Nice... I have been trying to find some creative ways to blog. I like this idea. but I don't want to steal it. I guess I will have to do some web surfing to find some ideas.

Lisa said...

Great pictures! Just one more month & you'll be all caught up ;)

Heather said...

yay for you! lol love the angles on your pics!