Sunday, February 18, 2007

January 12 on the 12th

I'm ready to post February, but thought I better get January done first so here goes:

January 12th was a Friday.

1. I usually start my day the computer. Checking e-mail, reading the news and weather, etc. It's my morning quiet time with my coffee and cookies. Can't start my day without it.

2./3./4. I went up to Shadow Forest for some volunteer work. While I was there I checked out Jackson's piece in the Writing Gallery. This was big for him since he's doesn't much care for writing. His story was cute and very inventive...The Evil Kangaroo.

5./6. Pictures Jensen took of Jim and I.

7. The tile work in our master bathroom is almost done and I love it!!

8. Our house as it is today.

9. School pick up. Gave Madison a ride home today.

10. New York Pizzeria. Picked up a large Greek pizza to take to Jen's for girl's night out. Love the Greek pizza. Love the girls.

11. Heather and her new fancy pants Donna Downey camera bag.

12. A toast with the girls. Tried a new Italian cocktail with champagne, vodka, lemon, mint. Some of my favorite things, but the drink was just so-so. Toasting with the girls was awesome though! Love them, need them, so glad I have them.


Kaity said...

Sounds like an eventful day! Tell the Uncle Jim and the kids I say hey!

Heather said...

great pics! great times!

when's the next one?? :P