Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Honkin' Update!

Here it is...everything that's been going on with us the past few months.

In the waning days of summer before school started, we made a last trip to the beach for the day. After the devastation in Galveston due to Hurrican Ike, I'm not sure when we'll be going back. I'm glad we had this last day...

Trying to keep Jackson busy those last few days before school started, we went out and got a Lego kit. I thought he would work on this over a couple of days, but instead he worked on it for several hours straight and finished it that same afternoon! I just love this picture of totally represents how he looked at the end of a great summer...tanned, bleached hair, happy.

The week before school started Jordan got braces put on. I took this "before" picture on the way to the orthodontist, but forgot to take an "after" picture. Eleven years old, getting braces, starting middle school, growing up...*sigh*

We celebrated Jim's 44th birthday by going out with a group of friends to a fun wine bar and then to dinner at Del Frisco's steak house.

Labor Day weekend we rented two boats on Lake Conroe with a few friends. This time we rented a pontoon boat, like we usually do, and a speed boat so the kids could go tubing. The kids had a blast!

Another competitive gymnastics season got under way. This is Jordan's whole team and her with her two best friends on the team, Jayda and Hannah, all looking cute in their rock star warm-ups!

So far we've had 3 meets with 3 more to go...Jordan is improving her scores with each meet. I continue to be so impressed with her attitude and work ethic...she has to work hard at gymnastics, it doesn't come easy...but she loves it and won't think of giving it up. She sacrifices a lot of social time to be in this sport and sometimes I wonder if she's making the right choice, but for now it's what she really wants to do so we let her do it.

Jensen has entered the world of soccer. The jury is still out on whether she likes it or not, but she sure is cute!

And there you have it.


Kaity Mackenzie said...

Ah! Those kids are growing up so quickly! I can't believe it! Great update A. Rita... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're copying my own parenting style while trying to keep "Jackson" happy...(like I wouldn't notice the empty wine bottle on the counter behind him?!!!) Ha! Cindi

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...maybe it's not a wine bottle. Once I blew the picture up, I can't tell what exactly that is on the counter...a mystery! But hey...I've always found that my drinking made at least one family member happy--me! ;-)

Heather said...

ahh.. the wine bottle is just tucked away... it's there, no worries. :)

Love the Jackson picture, and Jensen's wedgie on the boat- lol!

And I LOVE your new header! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Rita - the end of a beautiful summer, with the exception of Ike.


Brandy said...

Dude, Jensen looks just like Dylan does in his soccer uniform down to the same YMCA uniform!! Bahahaha! I love your kids, they have the best personalities. Other than Dylan, of course.