Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An Historical Day

Jim and I both voted early but I spent the day at an election anyway...the Shadow Forest Election. Over the past week students have made campaign posters, the 5th graders "registered" all the other students in the school and explained the process to them, all students have been talking about the candidates in their classes and today it was time to cast their votes. The school computer lab was turned into the polling location for this special event. I was even one of the "Election Officials." And better yet, I think both Jackson and Jensen voted for Barack Obama (it took a little persuading for Jackson but I was relentless...the kids in his class have a lot of influence...everyday he'd come home from school and I'd have to start all over with my speech).

Jackson carefully studying the ballot

Happy he made the right choice :-)

A little persuasion trying to go on here...the "official" helping Jensen asked her which picture she "liked better" (huh?). I had never even shown her pictures of the candidates, we had just discussed names. Jensen pointed to John McCain. I said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jensen, who do you want to vote for?" She said, "Rock Obama." Good thing I was there.

The Shadow Forest election will go overwhelmingly to McCain. I'm hopeful the national election will have a different result. It'll be interesting watching the results come in tonight and in the morning we'll wake up to a new leader who will shape the future for these two.


Kaity Mackenzie said...

GO OBAMA! What an incredible day. I am so happy I got to experience this! Do I sense a scrapbook page coming on?

Brandy said...


And shocking, Kingwood parents told their kids to vote McCain...I feel like I know the only cool Kingwood moms =)

Heather said...

all of the "elections" at the schools were so cute! And I was so proud of Cameron- just because he made a choice, stuck to it, and stood by it!

Brandy said...

K, I just read a comment of yours on my blog and cracked up. "I don't care if you're only 9." That is why I heart the heck out of you, lady!