Monday, July 20, 2009

Project 365 Week 20


Jordan's 12th birthday dinner. She chose Asian City Japanese Hibachi. Twelve?? Wow. Love her so much and couldn't be prouder of her.


RMS beginner orchestra spring concert. They sounded great! They've made incredible progress since that first concert of the year. Jordan is in the middle of the back row.


This is how Bella looks after one of our 3 mile walks. Her legs are a lot shorter than mine so she has to walk a lot faster...although she does have four of them...


Another one of Jensen's friends.

No picture for Friday


Another swim meet. That's Jensen in the middle. I love how she looks like she's going to take off and fly rather than swim.


Jordan's NCL class got together for a bowling "getting to know you" party. They were supposed to bring "crazy" socks to give to their secret sister. It seems like a pretty good group of girls.


Heather said...

totally impressed~been FOREVER since I've entered blog world, including my own, and you've been a busy bee! love all the pictures!

Kaity said...

I'm loving all of the pictures! I can't believe how old all of the kids are looking! I love the pic of Jensen about to dive and the other girl looking at here rather than diving in herself!

Rita said...

Yeah, I just keep plugging away at my project 365. Never mind that I just posted week 20 when in reality we're in week 28-ish. At the end of the year, I think I'll be glad I did it though.