Monday, September 18, 2006


Back from CKU! I really tried to set up a flickr account to share the photos but flickr just doesn't like me for some reason. I kept going around in circles with them saying I had to use my yahoo id but when I did that it wanted me to associate my flickr account with my yahoo account but it wouldn't ever let me log into my flickr account. And around and around. I finally gave up and just put the photos on the yahoo photos thing. Here they are...and they're not all that exciting.

I agree with Heather that I really liked CKU-Albums that we went to last year much better. This year, I just didn't really learn much of anything new. I made a few cute pages that I'll definitely use and I did get quite a few handy tips from the two photography-related classes, but I don't think those things were worth the tuition. Plus, I feel like we got quite a bit less product this time around. All that said, I still had a great time with 3 great girls and I'd spend a partying weekend at the Galleria with them anytime!

As usual, Jim did a great job with the kids while I was gone. It makes it so much better to go away for the weekend when I know I don't have to worry about anything at home. It's almost like they don't really need me...hmmmm. Anyway, I missed them all but I'm glad that Jim gets to spend alone time with the kids as well. They do all kinds of fun things with him that they don't do with me so I know they enjoy it too.

And to top off a great weekend, guess what I won at my local Randall's grocery store last night when I went in to pick up something for dinner? This!! Our store was having some sort of grand re-opening celebration this past weekend where they had all sorts of promotions going on. Of course, I didn't really know anything about it since I was gone all weekend. The cashier rang up my stuff and it popped up on her screen that I was an instant ipod winner! Jordan's been wanting an ipod forever but we've resisted (I mean, she's only 9!). But I'm taking this as a sign and we're going to give it to her for Christmas. She'll be soooo happy!


Kache said...

So glad you had fun at CKU! How cool that you won an ipod? My grocery trips never turn out like that.

Heather said...

neither do mine! But then again, I don't shop at Randall's either. I like that pic of us, but I can't seem to look at the other ones on the yahoo thingie.

Great job on the 12 on the 12th, too! :)

Brandy said...

I know, Yahoo just says something bad has happened. I wanna see! Congrats on the iPod, that's awesome. And it is on anytime, Rita. Name a time and place

Kaity said...

Well Jordan is a lucky girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun at CKU! Still trying to figure out if I can go to Detroit. And yeah! on winning the iPod.


shannon said...

woohoo an ipod! and i need to shop at your grocery store.