Saturday, September 09, 2006

End of Summer

It's here. One of the biggest signs for me is when the littlest one starts school...our preschool starts about 2 weeks after the other kids start school. Since our elementary starts in the middle of's definitely still summer here. But now, Jensen has started and it's after Labor Day so summer is winding down.

At first I was just wishing she could start right when the other kids did...I was ready for some kid-free time...but I actually really enjoyed those two weeks with just her. Each one of the kids is totally different when they're by themselves than when they're with any of the others. No one to fight with I guess.

Jensen is my girl-y girl...loves my "nake-up" and always wants nail polish on her fingers and toes. So, one day we went to the nail salon together. I really wish I had had my camera with me. She was soooo cute! I got a pedicure and she got her fingers and toes painted and sat there so good just waiting for it all to dry. Everyone in the salon couldn't believe how good she was.

We also got our hair cut together one day and she got such a cute cut!! I wish my hair could do this.

I finally got my salon buddy! I'm sure I'll be paying for highlights and facials by the time she's 12 so I might be regretting this introduction to the salon world. But, I'll be saving money on Jordan since I have to drag her kicking and screaming into a salon just to get her hair trimmed once a year.

The other sign that summer is over...our last trip to the beach. Although this was my first trip this year (I really don't love the beaches here in southeast texas) Jim and the kids have gone a few times. I have to admit...I had a great time even though the sand here should really just be called mud.


Brandy said...

What, Galveston isn't good enough for you? I mean, there are even free needles that wash up occassionally, you can't beat that...

Kache said...

How cute, I love her haircut! And yes, she probably will be getting those highlights by junior high!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie, love the cut!


shannon said...

her hair is adorable!
and look at that mud!