Sunday, January 04, 2009

December '08

Last year (and by "last year" I mean '07) I gave myself a challenge to post every day during the month of December. I didn't post quite every day, but close, and I really enjoyed looking back over the month.

This year, I didn't do quite as good a job. I did manage to take pictures quite a few of the days but I didn't post even one entry during the month of December '08. I thought I'd get caught up now, on January 4th, with a review of December. As I looked back over my posts from last December, it's pretty funny, how many things happened exactly the same this December. That's both comforting, and a little disturbing.

December 1

I took this photo to illustrate that I still had my fall decorations up on December 1st. Thanksgiving was late this year, November 27th. December 1st was just the Monday after Thanksgiving...and I'm not ready to put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.

December 3

Wednesday I made a trip out to Ikea for the last of the things needed to finish up the cabinets in my scrapbook room. I can't wait to start out '09 in a newly organized scrapbook studio!

December 4

I had to take Jackson to Kingwood Medical Center for an x-ray on his foot. He had hurt it the week before and it was still bothering him. We thought we should have it looked at to rule out a fracture. It turned out not to be broken.

While we were at the hospital, we happened upon this display of Christmas trees in the lobby. I think they were going to be auctioned off to raise money. They were decorated in all different themes and there were some really cool ones.

December 6

Jordan had a community orchestra concert at a local church to play a few Christmas songs during an exhibit of nativity scenes the church has and opens to the public. They had over 400 different nativities from around the world. Certainly not something I had ever seen before.

December 7

This Sunday was our neighborhood "Santa Stroll." Santa arrived in Riverchase on a fire engine and drove around the neighborhood before heading to our pool house to receive visitors. We took Jackson and Jensen but Jordan opted to stay home. She had been at a sleepover the night before and had just gotten home and was a little tired, to say the least. Jackson asked for a cell phone (!) and Jensen asked for "American Girl doll stuff."

December 8

Finally got the tree up and started decorating.

December 10

Jordan's second orchestra concert of the year. In addition to the 6th grade beginner orchestra, we also got to see the intermediate and advanced orchestras. Gave us a little hope for the future. :-) Although, I have to say, the beginners have improved a ton just in the month or so since their first concert.

December 11

Snow! In Houston! And not just flurries...actual accumulation. What a fun night!

December 14

Another season of flag football has started.

December 15

An outing on the Polar Express! This was an Adventure Princess outing but the whole family went along. It was great, and would have been really great if we had lived about two hours closer to the place. It took us 3 solid hours to get to Rusk, TX to board the train. The ride was just over an hour and we drove 3 solid hours home. Even though it was short, they did an awesome job. The train steamed into the station just like it does in the movie in front of the boy's house. There were waiters on board that served hot chocolate and danced in the aisles. We rode to the "north pole" where Santa boarded the train and handed out bells to each child that still believed. A conductor crazily punched our tickets for the return journey. And we sang Christmas songs on the way back. It was fun and memorable but a very long drive...

Two weeks down and two more to go. But the rest will have to wait until I can get the remaining photos downloaded from my camera.