Monday, January 26, 2009

Project 365 Week 4


A much anticipated order from Barnes and Noble arrived today courtesy of gift cards recieved for Christmas. Can you guess which books belong to which kid? Today was Martin Luther King day and no school. We went bowling with some friends...Kellers and Harpers. A fun day but looking forward to school tomorrow!


Inauguration day. Wow. Only time will tell how he will be as president, but I'm happy that I witnessed this day. From TV Guide to the Wall Street Journal, we've got the story covered!


One sick kid, one kid trying hard to be sick so he can miss school (doesn't he look pathetic?), and one kid whose birthday is this week so there's no way she's getting sick!


The pinewood derby weigh-in is tonight. It looks pretty sleek and fast doesn't it??


Pinewood Derby night and the third time's the charm! Jackson's car made it to the finals. Out of about 50 cars racing, 16 made it to the finals. It must have been all that skin super glued to the car that made the difference. :-)


Happy 6th Birthday, Jensen! Today was her actual birthday and her party as well. 20+ kids at a pottery painting party at the Mudpie. Too much fun!


Jensen is starting to read to us at bedtime now. It's so great to see her reading skills growing by leaps and bounds.


Heather said...

I just realized I haven't even looked at the pictures on my camera from last weekend! Ugh! love how the car turned out :)

Brandy said...

I ADORE your project 365 stuff and might I say you are rocking your skills. Love the pinewood derby, Jason's little brother won his for most patriotic =)Did you buy a special template for those photos to go in?