Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Project 365 Week 3

My goal is to get these posted every Monday. I even put it on my calendar! Didn't quite happen this week but I blame that on MLK. Hopefully next week will be on time. In the meantime, enjoy the little snippets of our life last week.


Taking a look at the full moon through the cool new telescope the kids got for Christmas from Uncle Tom and Aunt Cindi.


This pile represents 3 years of change collecting (by Jim), one industrial strength digital coin sorter received as a Christmas present from the kids so they wouldn't have to roll the change, two hours of actual change sorting, and, voila! $600 dollars in the bank!


Almost done.


A bathtime photo and the countdown begins...


Jackson has decided to give lacrosse a try.
$275 for the registration fee.
$170 for the equiptment...so far.
3 hours of practice every Saturday.
I hope he likes it.


Coach Drew giving the boys a piece of his mind. They suffered their first defeat. It came on the last play of the game. Definitely a bummer.


It might not look like much now, but come Friday it'll be a lean, mean Pinewood Derby running machine.


Heather said...

the pinewood derby pic cracked me up. looove the one of the telescope- totally cool shot!
ouch on the lacrosse! I hope he likes it too!

Anonymous said...

So, it's a good thing you rolled the coins...otherwise how would you have afforded all the lacrosse (aka lax) gear?!!! ;-)